k8055 for Mac OS X and Linux

the k8055 card


This software implements the complete(?) protocol to access velleman's K8055 card. This software was developped within the Universite de Technologie de Belfort-Montbeliard (utbm) (france) in the LO22 course (professor: Eric Bachard).

License : GPL

Developpers (v0.2) : Julien Etelain ( julien at pmad dot net ) and Edward Nys

David Downes provided fixes to make it correctly build on linux. Fixes are avaible in the 0.3 release. Thank's to him for this fixes.

Lastest version : 0.3 (utbm)


The base program




gcc k8055.c -o k8055 -lusb

MacOS X ( you need to install the kext package first).

cp -r k8055.kext /System/Library/Extensions/k8055.kext
touch /System/Library

Then restart computer



The provided program offer some options, you can use the source to develop a software more adapted to your needs.

Syntax : k8055 [-P:(number)] [-D:(value)] [-A1:(value)] [-A2:(value)] [-NUM:(number) [-DELAY:(number)]] [-DBT1:(value)] [-BDT2:(value)] [-reset1] [-reset2] [-debug]

Exemple : k8055 -P:1 -D:147 -A1:25 -A2:203

Output : (timestamp);(digital);(analog 1);(analog 2);(counter 1);(counter 2)
Note : timestamp is the number of msec when data is read since program start
Exemple : 499;0;128;230;9;8


(c) Copyright 2005 Julien Etelain and Edward Nys. All rights reserved.

(c) Copyright 2005 David Downes. All rights reserved.