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QDmx is a simple DMX transport layer. The goal is to provide a cross-platform system to output and input DMX data.

QDmx use a client-server architecture. The server is used to manage devices and low-level features. Client applications use a simple high-level API to send instructions and DMX data to server. Client/Server communication can be achieved using TCP/IP or local sockets (under Unix systems only).

This architecture allow applications to be in any programming language. To use QDmx, an application has simply to implements QDmx protocol or to use a library. As now, library is only available for Java and Qt 4.5.

Provided library include some convenience features to start server if required.

List of supported devices, networks, and other sub-systems (in version 0.2, current snapshots) :

Other devices will be supported in future releases.

QDmx works under Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

QDmx is an open source software. Server and tools are under the terms of the GNU GPL, the library is under the terms of the GNU LGPL.

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