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qlight console

qlightconsole is a simple dmx control software, wich goal is to looks like DMX Commander 24 series.


(* not yet fully implemented)


QLight Console and QDmx Server : 0.1 Beta, MacOS 10.4 Universal Binary

In case of problem, try to launch qdmxsv and qlightconsole (in this order) form two consoles to get error message.

To use k8062 interface, you need to place the k8062.kext in /System/Library/Extentions.

QLight Console and QDmx Server : 0.1 Beta, Windows XP Binary

First install libusb subsystem using libusb.exe

Fresh builds of qlconsole are available in snapshot builds (including a linux build), see developer page

Screenshots (0.1 beta)

Select universe, and channels count

home window, selection of universe and channels count

Main interface, many shortkeys are avaible

main interface

Automatic programs

menu of automatic programs

Affect channel to group (color), usefull for some automatic programs

affect channel to group

Custom porgram creation and test playback

custom porgram

On the left, the collection of custom programs (can be saved to a file) (you can drag them to a program slider).


(c) Copyright 2006 Julien Etelain. All rights reserved.